Thanksgiving away from home

This year Thanksgiving is a little different because for some reason or the other, you’ve decided that you won’t go home for Thanksgiving– so it’s time for you to make the most of where you are with the family of friends that you have collected over the months.

Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with family but this time you will have to recreate that atmosphere and share the love with your friends. This means that you have to introduce some new ideas that break traditional Thanksgiving meals – so as to accommodate a circle of people who may not necessarily be comfortable with each other – in the way families are.

But the beauty of Thanksgiving is in its spirit and here are ways in which you can share it with people that surround you, wherever you maybe this Thanksgiving:

Invite the social outcast along with your friends to your Thanksgiving party. It’s a little out of your comfort zone, but you will be surprised how the ‘odd’ guest at your party may actually bring a new flair to your circle of friends and in exchange be inspired by your Thanksgiving spirit.

Share the responsibilities of planning a Thanksgiving meal with your friends. It may be burdensome on one person to foot the bill of a Thanksgiving party – so why not pool resources among friends and decide to share responsibilities of preparing meals according to their home traditions. This will make Thanksgiving somewhat different and more exciting as you all embrace each other’s unique ways of preparation and traditions.

Make it sentimental, fun and memorable. While nostalgia fills the air as most of you can’t go home for Thanksgiving – you still feel sentimental over this family day and use it to build memories with your friends, the same way that you would with your family. Play games, reflect on what you have been grateful for this past year and use it as an opportunity to get to know each other more personally.

Feed the homeless. When your bellies are filled with all the delicious yummy food and you still have some leftover food– share the meal with homeless people who haven’t been treated to the blessing of a warm Thanksgiving meal. They will be ever so grateful.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for all that you have been blessed with and sharing this quality time with your family and loved ones. And if you can’t be with the one’s you love then you might as well share this love with the ones that you are with this Thanksgiving.

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